Battery life was good at 8 hours, 26 minutes of talk time, and the battery is removable. And you know what? But for basic use on the Verizon network, the Cadence fits the bill. Music plays when the phone is flipped closed, although it doesn’t show the track name on the external screen. Fortunately, there’s a new crop of LTE-capable voice phones surfacing, so you don’t have to switch over to a smartphone if you don’t want one. It gets decent reception, has a fast interface, and connects to Verizon’s modern 4G network.

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Group texts work as part of the general MMS protocol. For the basic Verizon subscriber, lg xt9 desktop should be enough. While the Exalt and DuraXV have 5-megapixel cameras that record video, those cameras are also quite bad. It’s best for folks who need its rugged, waterproof nature — for instance, og who work outside in the elements. Segan is also a multiple award-winning travel writer.

Kyocera Cadence LTE Review & Rating | 01

See our Fastest Mobile Networks results for more. You are not going to get a good photo-taking experience with any of these voice phones, so you might as well ignore the existence of the camera. Because you probably don’t use Verizon’s push-to-talk system, the big button on the side of the phone can be set to launch any feature — the flashlight, for instance, or the music player or hotspot function. The phone uses 4G bands 4 and 13, which are Verizon’s primary bands.

You might like this, or you might like the more piercing tone of the other two phones. Get Our Best Lg xt9 desktop Pros Waterproof and rugged. There’s a Wi-Fi hotspot mode, but you shouldn’t expect to get speeds greater lg xt9 desktop about 10Mbps with it.

Kyocera DuraXV LTE Review & Rating | 01

No video recording or playback. The speakerphone sits at the bottom of the flip. Thankfully, you can also use the camera as a magnifying glass. There’s 16GB of onboard storage The other voice phones we tested lg xt9 desktop real trouble sending and receiving video messages, so if that’s something you rely on, the DuraXV LTE is the way to go. All of the voice phone cameras we’ve tested are bad. Lg xt9 desktop can receive emoji, and can send a limited number of emoji smileys.

But you’ll pay a high price for the DuraXV’s reliability. This translates into good, but not great, voice quality.

However, we got slightly longer talk time just lg xt9 desktop 9 hours with the Cadence. This one has severe focus problems; fully half of my pictures were out of focus, and the ones that weren’t had severe color noise problems.

It’s a little better than the Exalt LTE, because that front screen gives you the caller ID information you need lg xt9 desktop you can decide whether or not to flip the phone open. The camera is bad. Realistically, you’ll use that storage for music. Verizon has stopped lg xt9 desktop in expanding its 3G network, so no one should be buying 3G-only phones on Verizon any more; while the old network will stay live untilall lg xt9 desktop the improved coverage and service will come on 4G from here on out.

That’s a good 5dB better than the Exalt, but only 2dB or so better than the Cadence. A 5-megapixel camera records p video. The speakerphone faces front, which is good, but it’s less loud and clear than I prefer. And the p video is pretty much unusable at a low 10 frames per second. You can trigger the phone’s voice dialing with the action button of your Bluetooth headset, and the Nuance-powered voice dialing works fine.

Flip it open and you get glove-friendly, separated keys lg xt9 desktop a bright 2. But it costs half as much and fulfills basic voice phone functions well. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Lg xt9 desktop Policy.

Both the messaging and contacts apps sync with Verizon’s cloud system, so you can enter contacts and messages through a web interface rather than using the number pad.

It distorts at top volume, which is about 70db in conversation at a one-foot distance. This is the only LTE voice phone we tested with a flashlight function, and it’s a useful addition. The back-ported speakerphone is fine for indoor use. Lg xt9 desktop remember, a phone like the Cadence means you aren’t going to be able to view those video messages your grandchildren send. For that, you’ll need to trade up to the DuraXV or to a smartphone.

Kyocera Cadence LTE

Battery life was good at 8 hours, 26 minutes of talk time, and the battery is removable. Signal strength, on the other hand, doesn’t quite measure up. There’s 16GB of storage Music plays when the phone is flipped closed, although it doesn’t show the track name on the external screen. Flip it open to get a 2. The phone can receive emoji, and can send and receive pictures, but it can’t lf or receive video.

And xg9 can take a lg xt9 desktop of a beating; I tossed it around a kg without a problem. While the phone has several 4G bands, it still only reaches Category 4 speeds. Lg xt9 desktop open, it’s about seven and a half inches long.

We compared it with the Exalt and DuraXV, and were lg xt9 desktop surprised to see that the Cadence often showed stronger signal than the DuraXV did, about on par with the Exalt.