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Autofocus is not supported with other autofocus AF lenses.

Nikon will not be held liable for damages that may result from any mistakes that this manual may contain. The effect can be previewed in the edit display. Focus does not lock when shutter-release button is pressed halfway: Page Select Date: Quick Retouch Dwnload button N retouch menu Create canon d3100 manual pdf download with enhanced saturation and contrast.

Rotate the mode dial to M. Camera Menus Most shooting, playback, and setup options can be accessed from canon d3100 manual pdf download camera menus. This option controls whether file numbering continues from the last number used when a new folder is created, the memory card is formatted, or a new memory card is inserted in the camera.

Nikon D Manual & Helpful Resources

Clothing Use for close-up shots of flowers, insects, and background canon d3100 manual pdf download are vividly and other small objects a macro lens can rendered, while skin tones remain soft be used to focus dowmload very close ranges.

Frame the Photograph Ready the camera.

Page Measuring Preset White Balance If no operations are performed while the displays are canon d3100 manual pdf download, direct measurement mode will end when the exposure meters turn off. Date Counter Pictures taken while this option is in effect are imprinted with the number of days remaining until a future date or the number of days elapsed since a past date. Choosing a scene mode automatically optimizes settings to suit the selected scene, making creative photography as simple as selecting a mode, framing a picture, and shooting as described on pages 23— This product is supported by caanon Canon Authorized Dealer Network.

D-Lighting is applied as required to brighten dowbload or backlit subjects. The Viewfinder The Viewfinder Focus points No flash Bring more into focus Distant subjects Freeze motion people Select a shutter Close-ups Freeze motion vehicles speed. Press 1 or 3 to highlight a date. To get the most from your canon d3100 manual pdf download, please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly and keep them where they will be read by dowwnload who use the product.

Nikon D3100 Reference Manual

Page 21 The Release-Mode Selector Use the release-mode selector to choose from the following release modes: Page Refer to the Speedlight manual for detailed instructions. The Shutter-Release Button The camera has a two-stage shutter-release button.

White Balance White Balance White balance ensures that colors are unaffected by the color of the light source. Quick adjust For example, choosing positive values for Vivid canon d3100 manual pdf download pictures more vivid.

Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute. Mode dial Choose aperture and shutter speed. Page 55 Choose the focus point.

Canon C3100 Series Brochure & Specs

Start Printing Display printing options. Increase size of crop Reduce size of crop Press the W button to reduce the size of the crop. Note that depending on the caonn of images, some time may be required for deletion.

Nikon D Manual De Referencia pages. It is most effective when canon d3100 manual pdf download with center-weighted or spot metering 0 For more information, see the documentation provided with the application or device. Copying White Balance from a Photograph Follow the steps below to copy a value for white balance from a photograph on the memory card.

Page Cleaning is performed by vibrating the low-pass filter. Choose a language and set the time and date. Replace the terminal cover before putting the battery away.

Don’t have an account? Camera Menus Camera Menus Most shooting, playback, and setup options can be accessed from the camera menus.